[CalendarServer-users] Stable Contacts Server?

Lennart Goedhart lennart at omnibase.com.au
Mon Jul 19 22:31:51 PDT 2010

Hi all,

I already have a stable 2.4 Calendar Server running on CentOS 5.

I would like to add Contacts Server capabilites to that machine. I can't find a tagged stable release of Calendar and Contacts Server to test with. I'm testing with trunk on my iMac, but I'm aware of the risks of running that in production. Was the version of Contacts Server that ships with 10.6 server checked in somewhere else? If not, is there a stable branch that I can use instead?

Having said that, I've had no issues in my tests from the iMac with the prod data. Mac OS X Address Book seems to have some issues with using the Contacts Server though... no problems with the iPhone.


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