[CalendarServer-users] [CalendarServer-dev] GET ENCRYPTED PASSWORDS!!!

Götz Babin-Ebell g.babin-ebell at novamedia.de
Wed Nov 3 01:28:01 PDT 2010

On 02.11.2010, at 14:27, Lisana Berberi wrote:

> hello,

> i have a calenderserver version -2.4 from apple running on a linux squeeze box and 
> i want to encrypt password, on my caldav.plist i have the above config for authentication(basic enabled), but if i disable basic auth and enable kerberos or digest then i got an error: unable to connect. 
> so what to do?

To answer this question it is essential to know how you store user credentials.
To authenticate with a secure authentication mechanism (digest) the server needs
the pass phrase in clear text.

From your description (or lack of) of your problem it seems that you store user
credentials in a way that gives the server no access to the clear text pass phrases.



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