[CalendarServer-users] backup of caldav user accounts via tar

Marco Kammerer marco.kammerer at uibk.ac.at
Thu Nov 11 10:21:47 PST 2010


my config is
-linux debian testing squeeze
-kernel (but i could easyly update to the actual kernel)
-calendarserver 2.4. (standard installed via apt-get)

I searched for a way to backup the calendarserverdirectory

one solution that is working is to use

cp -r --preserve=all /var/spool/caldavd /backupdirectory

but i also look for a way to get it of the mashine and to another backup 
localtion (for example via ftp)
to get that done i need to archive it.

i found that tar should be able to do that
tar cvfz --xattrs

i found that on

but on my version of tar on my mashine (1.23) this option was not supported.

What other alternatives do i have to make a backup into a transferable 
archive? What do you use?


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