[CalendarServer-users] Getting started under Linux

Freek Dijkstra public at macfreek.nl
Sat Sep 18 05:41:34 PDT 2010


I'm trying to get starting running a carddav server under Linux, but got

I installed all prerequisites just fine (after a little fight with the
run command, which -oh horrors- decided to completely bypass my package
manager and -even more horrors- install things outside the
calenderserver folder. What happend to the good old ./configure or
setup.py scripts?)

The ./run -I command does not seem to work:

 ./run -I /opt/calendarserver

* create a folder /opt/calendarserver/bin with a copy of all tools from
/usr/bin and /usr/local/bin (huh?)
* abort with an error rsync: change_dir "/usr/caldavd" failed: No such
file or directory (2) (huh again?)

So I decided to just go for it, create a file conf/carddavd-dev.plist
and try:

 ./run -a

This seems to exec the following:

 ./bin/carddavd -X -L -f ./conf/carddavd-dev.plist -P caldav -t Combined

Which in turns seems to exec:

 python /usr/local/bin/twistd -n carddav -f ./conf/carddavd-dev.plist \
   -o ProcessType=Combined -o ErrorLogEnabled=False

This fails with a "ImportError: No module named opendirectory", which is
evident: opendirectory is not available under Linux, and was disabled in
conf file in the first place.

It seems that the conf/cardavd-dev.plist file is never read anyway,
since simply running


Gives the exact same result.

I'm totally new to twisted, so I turned on logging, which according to
the twistd man page is:

 /usr/local/bin/twistd -l -

This time, no ImportError, but rather: Failed to load application:
[Errno 2] No such file or directory: 'twistd.tap'

I presume that twisted searches for a *.tap, *.tax or *.tas file in the
current directory, and executes that application description. However, I
can not find any such file in the calendarserver directory (there is
this calendarserver/tap folder though). However, I'm at loss why it
behaves differently with logging on or off.

Just to emphasize my noob status, let me ask the obvious question:
how do I start the server and have it read the config file?
Any help is highly appreciated.


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