[CalendarServer-users] Correct unscheduling of locations

Markus Dumat markusdumat at googlemail.com
Thu Feb 17 13:59:06 PST 2011


I'm using the current trunk version and ICal as CalDav Client. It works fine with the following exception:

When you have at least 2 locations (e.g. Room A and B) and you create an event (meeting A) in ICal, assign one room (Room A) to this event
and then change the room assignment (to Room B) (without delete and create new), the first room (Room A) stays assigned (and gets not automatically unassigned)
Now if I want to assign a new event on the same time slot as the previous event (event A) but in the other room (Room A), which should be free, it is not possible
to book the room because it is still assigned owing to this bug. (For better visualization use the availability window in ICal)

This is my problem. I hope you understood my explanation.

Can anyone help me with this?

Maybe at least anyone can tell me how the "reset" the assignments of the locations.


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