[CalendarServer-users] migrating to Lion Server

Conrad Wasmer conrad at wasmer.homeip.net
Sat Sep 10 08:40:59 PDT 2011

Howdy all -

I am looking for advice. I have been using DCS 3.x, from trunk, for quite a while now. I think I last updated at the beginning of this year. And it's worked pretty well for us with very few issues. I am now thinking of converting to a real-style server with all the niceties that gui's and other features offer us.  

Does anyone know of the best way to migrate one's data from the open source DCS to the Lion Server installation of Calendar Server? Because this is a family operation, I can potentially export the data from a calendar client and address book, but that seems like a less-than-user friendly solution. And it seems that since the 3.x version of DCS, the data is no longer in a "data" folder, so I can't just copy it from the current folder and paste it into the new installation's folder. Unless I'm missing something there.  

Any advice is appreciated!

Thanks -


Conrad Wasmer

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