[CalendarServer-users] Read only access to CardDAV

Thomas Harvey harvey.t at mac.com
Mon Dec 17 12:42:07 PST 2012

Thanks dre, I realised after asking that it had moved to a postgres backed datastore.

Although, I guess we could have 2 cardDAV servers running, one in read only and the other in read-write, but both on the same DB backend? In the read only server, authentication would be valid for all listed in the ou=people branch of the directory, but the read-write server would only allow connection from specific roles...just a thought, or is this completely outrageous?

I'll also be sure to check out gaya's branch to see what direction is being taken there, perhaps I can help out with that.


On Dec 17, 2012, at 08:32 PM, Andre LaBranche <dre at mac.com> wrote:

On Dec 14, 2012, at 5:30 AM, Thomas Harvey <harvey.t at mac.com> wrote:

> I've got myself a nice new CardDAV server setup and I'm working on the user accounts - just through the XML based directory. I would like to have one collection of contacts which has an admin user with read/write access but to also have a subordinate user who can connect to this collection with read only access. I don't particularly need to be able to provide a separate contacts collection for the subordinate user.
> The current thinking is to have a Principal which is listed in the caldavd.plist as a ReadPrincipal and then to symlink the folder for that principal into another location, which is listed as AdminPrincipals - Is this really the best way to do this?

Symlinks probably won't help you here; the Calendar Server backend is a postgres database. It used to be a filesystem, but that was a long time ago...

Unfortunately I don't think there's currently any support in the server for what you're asking for. There is a 'read only server' switch, but it's global for the entire service. There is some CardDAV sharing stuff in development, but it's not release-quality yet. Here's the branch if you're curious what is being done:



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