[CalendarServer-users] Switching to 3.2? Features ?

Fredrik Unger fred at tree.se
Thu Feb 9 23:18:19 PST 2012


I have been using version 2.4.dfsg-6 packaged by Debian.
As CS is now 3.2 I figured I'd bite the bullet and 
upgrade. An update can not hurt.. :)

As I understand one now needs a Postgres database instead
of the file system attributes. 

What Features does 3.2 have ? 
How well does it run on a Debian system ?

Is there any Debian packaging planned ? (Question belongs to the Debian
maintainer, but maybe they are listening here as well.. )

Currently I run some calendars the "old" way with groups. (with a patch)
How do I set up a group calendar in 3.2.

I have LDAP users, and they are "memberof" different groups.
User X and Y is member of group A.
Currently I have a calendar named A which both user X and Y can use
via LDAP group membership authentication.
How is a "proper" setup for this in 3.2 ?
X and Y have also their "private" calendars, so they have to keep 2
calendars manually in order, but that was OK for the beginning. 
There are not that many users.

I am also interested in CardDAV functionality in the same manner.
Private and group address books. 

Any linux and windows client suggestions ?

Well I think that was the first questions, I might come back with more.
Also I could try to help write up some of the information to improve
documentation of the calendar server. 

Anything else to think about.


Fredrik Unger

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