[CalendarServer-users] CalendarServer trunk's bundled-memcached build fails to find libevent

crowe at mailhaven.com crowe at mailhaven.com
Thu Jan 5 20:35:10 PST 2012


i'm taking a 1st shot at building CalendarServer on my linux/64 box.

i've co'd from trunk,

	cd /usr/local/src/CalendarServer/CalendarServer
	svn info | egrep "UUID|Revision"
		Repository UUID: e27351fd-9f3e-4f54-a53b-843176b1656c
		Revision: 8488

then, per README,

	./run -s
		Checking MD5 sum for libevent...
		Unpacking libevent from cache...
		Building libevent...
		Libraries have been installed in:
		Building memcached...
		checking for libevent directory... configure: error:
		libevent is required.  You can get it from

		      If it's already installed, specify its path using

iiuc, "./run" is supposed to gather prereqs.

do i need to install libevent prior to 1st exec of "./run" to satisfy
the bundled-memcached build?  or pass some additional flags to ./run


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