[CalendarServer-users] New install questions

John Morris jmorris at beau.org
Fri Nov 30 11:55:48 PST 2012

Howdy all,  Just finished a test install and am evaluating this as a
replacement for the ancient and unmaintained ical (X Window) for a small
workplace environment.  As usual I began the safe way with a Debian
Stable VM and the version in the stable repo.  Our network is still
using NIS so that was what I wired calendarserver up to.  The idea is to
connect with Thunderbird+Lightning and Evolution as clients.

Didn't take all that much effort to begin to see results but things are
getting bogged down in the details.  Any user on our network can now
have a personal calendar.  Read the webpages and such, Googled and there
are things that still aren't making sense.

1.  Group calendars.  See mailing list traffic that implies they have
been eliminated but only unanswered questions regarding what should be
used as a replacement.  At any rate, they don't work for me.  I made a
group with the right prefix and it appears as a group with the right
members when I browse the server with a web browser but any attempt to
create a calendar for the group fails.

The closest I can see now to a solution is to create a user with a
similar name to the group and set the group as a proxy using the command
line tool.  Is that the right thing to do?

2.  The missing svn repo and the brain teaser in the command line admin
tool.  To get the command line tool, CalDAVClientLibrary, one is
supposed to issue a request for an svn checkout.  That doesn't work.
Google provided an alternate git repo that I could get to work.  But I
have now tried running that on both the new Debian server hosting
calendarserver and my laptop running Fedora 17 and get the same bizarre
issue.  I can't type a b.  [ac-zA-Z0-9] all work just fine, but no b.
I'm composing this on the same laptop so I know my b key works.

3.  Once I got NSS as a directory service working the XML file appears
to have stopped providing anything.  I see where you can go either way
if you use LDAP, either retaining locations and resources coming from
the XML file or taking them from the LDAP server.  Do not see any such
option with NSS.  Are locations and resources just unavailable in my
situation or is there a way to push them in via NSS/NIS?

Once I get past those I can move on to coming up with an easy way to get
the permissions on everything right and in such a way that other people
can do it when people come and go and then declare victory and move on.

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