[CalendarServer-users] Calendar attendees

Pascal Dallaire pascaldallaire at cre-gim.net
Thu Apr 25 12:24:20 PDT 2013

Hi to everyone on the list,

After having a lot of problems with the Calendar server that comes with OSX Server, we setup one using the latest release (4.2) and our own XML Directory and it seems to be going well. We wondered about a problem a lot of users have. When adding attendees to an event, iCal or Calendar offers people that are in their local AddressBook or in their "Previous recipients" list, and several of those people are not included in the Calendar Server. Is it possible to setup iCal or Calendar (using maybe a hidden setting in a plist) to only propose people from the Calendar Server, not their own local users??

Thanks in advance
Pascal Dallaire

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