[CalendarServer-users] Again: Howto Contact Server

Stefan Bollmann stefan.bollmann at rwth-aachen.de
Sat Feb 2 04:45:53 PST 2013

Ok, that text helped me a lot. Thank both of you, Andre and Jan. :-D *happy*

The client help pages (e.g. https://trac.calendarserver.org/wiki/iCal) are outdated. How can I edit them? I registered as a user, but do not find a 'change' button, whatsoever. 

Because there is a good howto somewhere on the web http://www.heise.de/artikel-archiv/mi/2011/02/142_Die-eigene-Cloud, I think I won't rewrite it for the german community. There is no such document being up to date in english? If not, I could write a wiki article on the developers page. If so, then the best might be to link them in the wiki..

On 02.02.2013, at 11:28, Jan Rähm wrote:

> Hi Stefan,
> have a look in Heise, Mac and I, Heft 2, Seite 142. http://www.heise.de/artikel-archiv/mi/2011/02/142_Die-eigene-Cloud There I've described the whole process setting up the caldav-carddav-server on Mac including the adressbook. The android-config is written down in Linux User, 11/2011. This text is freely available under http://www.linux-community.de/Internal/Artikel/Print-Artikel/LinuxUser/2011/11/Kalender-und-Kontakte-fuer-kleine-Gruppen-lokal-vorhalten
> Hope that helps
> Best Jan

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