[CalendarServer-users] seting iMIP SMTP login info

Robert Bruce rbruce at celsiusinc.com
Tue Mar 5 07:10:56 PST 2013


I have Calendar server 3.2 up and running well (I can't manage to get 4.2 running on Ubuntu 12.10)... I can share calendars but I'm having problem inviting external users and iMIP is setup.  
I can see in the logs that the calendarserver seems to be trying to use the users email address as a login name for sending invitations though SMTP but our mail server does not use the (user at domain.com) as a login only (USER NAME).  How can I set the user name and pasword to be used for sending iMIP invites?

Setting my server allow the user at domain.com login format is an option but it would be a huge headache... 

Also I see a French translation in locals.... but I can't seem to activate it... any ideas?

Thank you in advance...   

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