[CalendarServer-users] Sharing Calendars

Robert Bruce rbruce at celsiusinc.com
Fri Mar 22 06:48:32 PDT 2013

Thank you... any help is appreciated here...  

So it sounds like delegation and proxies are the same thing?  This seems to be working...  and iCal calendar sharing seems to be some other system. 

In iCal users can right click a calendar to share it with others in an easy way....  The calendars will end up being shared but then when I try and un-share it nothing happens and the shares remain... I would like to ether get it working properly or find a way to disable it completely because users are going to try using it regardless and I'm going to be stuck with users that have shared calendars and have no way to un-share without deleting there calendars. 

On 2013-03-22, at 9:36 AM, Pascal Dallaire wrote:

> Hi Bruce, 
> I have just basic knowledge and hope I can help. I use proxies to share, when you add a user as a read-proxy to a calendar, he gets access to it in his Delegation tab in iCal, so he just has to check it to get access to this user's/resource's calendar. You can add as read or write proxy, when they're as write, they get notifications for this user/resource and can make changes. You can un-share by removing the proxy. 
> Pascal
> Le 2013-03-22 à 09:30, Robert Bruce a écrit :
>> Hello, 
>> I'm having issues with calendar sharing... I can share calendars but I am unable to un-share or resend invitations... I have suspected a permissions issue but I can't find any.  
>> Could someone please tell be the difference between sharing and delegation, proxies... delegation in ical client seems to be working just sharing does not.    
>> Also where are the shares located in the database?  I would at least like to be able to manual un-share. 
>> Thank you for any help.  
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