[CalendarServer-users] problem with iPhone 5/iOS 6.1.3

Julian Y Koh kohster at northwestern.edu
Wed Oct 2 19:44:15 PDT 2013

On Oct 2, 2013, at 21:34 , Julian Y Koh <kohster at northwestern.edu>
> I have no idea what is different about this client compared to all of the others.  Does anyone want to offer any troubleshooting advice other than to upgrade?  :):)

Just for completeness, here are things I've done:

1.) Restarted CalendarServer (./run -k, ./run -d)
2.) Rebooted iMac
3.) Rebooted iPhone
4.) Deleted CalDAV account on iPhone, rebooted iPhone, recreated CalDAV account

I'm quite sure that I'm entering all the credentials correctly since the list of calendars appears on the phone, but no events ever show up on the phone at all.  

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