[CalendarServer-users] problem with iPhone 5/iOS 6.1.3

Julian Y Koh kohster at northwestern.edu
Sat Oct 5 06:41:37 PDT 2013

On Oct 4, 2013, at 14:23 , Cyrus Daboo <cdaboo at apple.com> wrote:
> You need to upgrade the server - the one you have has a bug in it were it does not support time-range queries without an "end" parameter - something that iOS does.

Ah hah!!!!  Thanks so much!  Based on this I dug deep into the settings and found that the iPhone 5 was configured to only sync events within the past month, whereas the 4S was configured to sync all events.  Now all is well again!

I know I need to upgrade.  Both hardware and software.  :):)

Thanks again!!!!!!

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