[CalendarServer-users] Configuring LDAP groups and resources

James Rowe jroweboy at gmail.com
Wed Sep 11 12:25:49 PDT 2013

Hello again! The calendar server I've been installing on RHEL 6 is mostly
working now, but I'm still struggling to configure the server to work with
LDAP in the manner which I need. In the application that I'm writing, we
have several resources that the users will be scheduling time on actual
machinery and these machines are resources listed in LDAP. I took some time
to read through the ConfigureLDAP article on the wiki, but now my server
doesn't seem to want to load the resources properly from LDAP.

First off, from what I can understand from the iCal and caldav specs is
that there are 4? types of principals. Users, Groups, Resources, and
Locations. Users and groups have the ability to schedule a resource at a
location. Once the resource is scheduled at a certain time, no other person
should be allowed to double book that resource correct? If this assumption
is true then this is exactly what we need. :)

So here is the difficulty I face. Using my limited understanding of LDAP
and DCS I have not been able to produce a configuration file that even
works right now. My goal is to pull the Users, Groups, and Resources from
LDAP and the following is the path (is path the right word?) to each of

Users - cn=users,dc=example,dc=base,dc=path
Groups - groupCategory=instruments,dc=example,dc=base,dc=path (where
membership in the group is defined by the memberUid attribute for each of
the results returned)
Resources - groupCategory=instruments,dc=example,dc=base,dc=path (where
this is all of the resources)

But this doesn't return any results when I try to browse to
the :8008/principals/groups/ so it makes me think that I have the ldap
parts improperly configured. Since I don't want the actual config to take
up too much room, I have it pasted in a pastebin right here:

In summary, with my current configuration, DCS lists 0 groups and 0
resources, and I need help figuring out how to make the configuration work
so that each of the instruments listed in groupCategory=instruments is both
a group (with membership defined as people in the memberUid field) and each
of the groupCategory=instruments is a resource. Any help is greatly

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