[CalendarServer-users] Incoming invitation from external users on iOS - no RVSP buttons

zero one list-01 at outlook.de
Fri Dec 5 23:53:41 PST 2014

my question is concerning invites from external users (say users of Office365 or any other service). These invitations are received via email (IMAP). In Mac OS X I can double click the .ics attachment and after that they are shown in my calendar and I accept or decline them.
In iOS I am missing the buttons accept/decline. After clicking the .ics attachment I have an option to add the event to my calendar, but the organizer won't get any update wether I have accepted or declined neither are there any buttons for that (iOS 8.1).
I know that incoming external invites are dealed by the clients, but after adding them to my calendar I have expected that there would bei RVSP buttons. Is this a bug in iOS, a known limitation of clad in conjunction with IMAP and external invitations or a misconfiguration on my side?

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