[CalendarServer-users] Upgrading schema

Pascal Dallaire pascaldallaire at cre-gim.net
Thu May 1 02:49:36 PDT 2014

Hi to everyone on the list,

I’m trying to migrate database+attachments from a CalendarServer 4.2 to 5.2. I used the calendarserver_backup script and was able to get a tgz… I used the same script from 5.2 to restore, there were some errors during the restore, next time I open the server (I used the FailIfUpgradeNeeded=False so that it would auto-upgrade automatically). When I run the server next time, it tries to apply the upgrade the schema from 12 to 13.

Then I get a lot of errors, Traceback, with the last line being :
pg.ProgrammingError: ERROR:  relation "attachment_id_seq" already exists
and then : 
2014-05-01 05:40:31-0400 [-] [txdav.base.datastore.subpostgres#warn] received postgres stdout 'waiting for server to shut down....'
2014-05-01 05:40:32-0400 [-] [txdav.base.datastore.subpostgres#warn] received postgres stdout ' done\nserver stopped\n'
2014-05-01 05:40:32-0400 [-] [txdav.base.datastore.subpostgres#warn] postgres process ended with status 0
2014-05-01 05:40:32-0400 [-] [twisted.internet.base#info] Main loop terminated.
2014-05-01 05:40:32-0400 [-] [twisted.application.app#info] Server Shut Down.
Is it possible for someone who knows to nudge me toward a way to repair these errors?
Thanks in advance

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