[CalendarServer-users] Error connecting

Cyrus Daboo cdaboo at apple.com
Mon Nov 3 06:02:16 PST 2014

Hi Andy,

--On November 3, 2014 at 8:29:22 AM -0600 Andy Knasinski <ajk at nrgsoft.com> 

> I'm running calendarserver now as part of 10.9.5 with the server add-on.
> It's been working great up until I added two new users. I can't get the
> two new users up on iCal at all, they just throw unknown errors. And I've
> been having odd errors now with the existing users - delegates that had
> been working are now throwing errors and one of the workstations can't
> connect at all on port 8008, even though we're on the same LAN and no
> firewalls are running.
> I'm thinking of reinstalling Server again to blow it all away, but I hate
> to loose existing calendar data. What's the process for backing up and
> restoring with OS X Server?

The clients appear to be connecting to <http://office.nrgsoft.com:8008>. 
Can you verify that you can reach that URL in a web browser? Perhaps the 
server is actually setup to only allow SSL, in which case try 
<https://office.nrgsoft.com:8443>. If you can get to the server via a web 
browser then you should be able to get to it via a calendar client. If you 
can't get to it via a browser then check with a browser on the server 
itself. If that works, then likely you have a networking issue between 
client and server. If that does not work, then the calendar server itself 
is not running properly (in which case please attach the server's 

Cyrus Daboo

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