[CalendarServer-users] Transaction timeout in InboxCleanupWork

Kristoffer kmo at b-one.net
Tue Feb 2 23:22:17 PST 2016

When running calendar server 7.0 on a system with many calendar homes, error messages are logged from the worker system:

2016-02-02 14:18:44+0000 [-] [caldav-1] [-] [txdav.common.datastore.sql#error] Transaction abort too long: PG-TXN<ultimatelyPerform: 4041391 <INBOX_CLEANUP_WORK>>, Statements: 214963, IUDs:
0, Statement: insert into JOB (NOT_BEFORE, PRIORITY, WEIGHT, WORK_TYPE) values (%s, %s, %s, %s) returning FAILED, JOB_ID, PAUSE, OVERDUE, ASSIGNED
2016-02-02 14:18:44+0000 [-] [caldav-1] [-] [twext.enterprise.jobs.jobitem#error] JobItem: 4041391, WorkItem: 4041374 failed: [Failure instance: Traceback: <class 'twext.enterprise.ienterpri

The problem seems to be that InboxCleanupWork within one single transaction tries to schedule a CleanupOneInboxWork for each calendar home.

Any suggestions for how we can get around this problem?

Best regards,
Kristoffer Møllerhøj.

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