[CalendarServer-users] Trouble upgrading from 5.3 to 7.0

Jacques Distler distler at golem.ph.utexas.edu
Sat Jan 23 11:25:55 PST 2016

On the other hand, starting up the server with

   bin/run -n -t Slave

gets a lot further.

> On Jan 20, 2016, at 3:57 PM, Jacques Distler <distler at golem.ph.utexas.edu> wrote:
> Here are the processes initiated when the CalendarServer starts up (PostgreSQL is already running):
>  PID TTY           TIME CMD
> 70038 ttys000    0:01.85 CalendarServer 7.0 [Combined]
> 70135 ttys000    0:00.02 /usr/local/bin/memcached -U 0 -s /var/run/caldav/memcache.sock -u _calendar
> 70136 ??         0:00.01 postgres: caldav caldav idle


 44308 ttys000    0:01.46 CalendarServer 7.0 [Slave]

(n.b.: no memcached started)

> There's a database connection, about which "lsof -i" reports:
> COMMAND     PID           USER   FD  TYPE             DEVICE SIZE/OFF   NODE NAME
> python2.7 70038           root   9u  IPv4 0x22e34989d8c573db      0t0    TCP localhost:56199->localhost:postgresql (ESTABLISHED)

Now it binds listeners to port 8443:

 python2.7 44308           root    3u  IPv4 0x22e34989eb57dbc3      0t0    TCP *:pcsync-https (LISTEN)
 python2.7 44308           root    4u  IPv6 0x22e34989eb58a33b      0t0    TCP *:pcsync-https (LISTEN)
 python2.7 44308           root   13u  IPv4 0x22e34989ed97b3db      0t0    TCP localhost:51681->localhost:postgresql (ESTABLISHED)

> That's the only TCP/IP connection the CalendarServer makes (in particular, it HAS NOT started a listener on port 8443, as it should).

But, of course, while the resulting Slave Server responds to requests, it always returns an error:

2016-01-23 13:18:53-0600 [HTTPChannel,0,nn.nn.nn.nn] [txweb2.server#info] GET /principals/ HTTP/1.1
2016-01-23 13:18:53-0600 [HTTPChannel,0,nn.nn.nn.nn] [txdav.who.cache#debug] Directory cache miss: shortName ('user', 'distler')
2016-01-23 13:18:53-0600 [HTTPChannel,0,,nn.nn.nn.nn] [txdav.dps.client#debug] Creating connection
2016-01-23 13:18:53-0600 [-] [txweb2.server#error] Exception rendering request: <GET /principals/ (1, 1)>
        Traceback (most recent call last):
        Failure: twisted.internet.error.ConnectError: An error occurred while connecting: 2: No such file or directory.

Still, this seems like progress ...

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