[CalendarServer-users] Apple's Contacts client doesn't like nonstandard ports

Kyle Silfer kyle at rtoads.com
Mon Jan 25 10:24:35 PST 2016

> On Jan 24, 2016, at 11:46 PM, Andre LaBranche <dre at apple.com> wrote:
>> On Jan 24, 2016, at 2:53 PM, Kyle Silfer <kyle at rtoads.com> wrote:
>> Here’s another piece of info I found out by trial and error and have been meaning to report.
>> Apple's Contacts client refuses to connect on nonstandard ports (for example, it wants 8843 for SSL). You have the option to change the port number after it fails its initial connect, but it doesn't really work. Once I matched the port number, it worked fine for newer clients (although not with the OS X 10.6 Address Book).
> Depending on your server-side / DNS setup, you may have more reliable results by using the 'manual' connection setup in Contacts; the one where you specify username, password, and server, instead of email address and password.

Manual connection setup is all I have been able to use because automatic presumes an email login and advanced really doesn’t seem to work at all.

> For me, Contacts has no problem accessing 443, which in my case is also reverse proxied to Calendar & Contacts server.
> sudo lsof -n -l -P | grep Contacts:
> Contacts  7509      501   61u  IPv4 0x98ff3c379420f4ff      0t0  TCP> (ESTABLISHED)
> I also experimented with forcing Contacts to use other ports. If you're game, give some of this a try and report back.

I guess I should be specific with what version of the client I was using. In this case, the observed behavior was on Yosemite. Maybe El Capitan fixed this. I have not tested it.

Since I already have a working fix (port redirection) I can’t commit trying out the diagnostic stuff you posted. But thanks for your interest.


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