[CalendarServer-users] CalendarServer Performance

Gaurav Jain monkeyfdude at gmail.com
Sun Nov 27 08:36:03 PST 2016


* Could you please share documents of CalendarServer performance and
load/stress testing?
* How much memcached helps with performance of CalendarServer?

For eg. I found this. 55,000 seems quite low number.

   - Test Scenario: With a well tuned multi-server deployment of
   identically configured caldav servers behind a load balancer, and a
   separate Postgres server with a fast RAID 0, in a low-latency lab
   environment using simulated iCal client load, it takes 5 or 6 caldav
   servers to saturate the postgres server (which becomes i/o bound at a load
   of about 55,000 simulated users in this test).

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