[CalendarServer-users] Questions regarding delegation, attachments and time errors

Ian Baker ibaker at eem.ca
Fri Apr 21 12:32:04 PDT 2017


I have 4 questions.  If any are better directed elsewhere, please let me know.

Some background.  We are a small consulting firm using Server.app v5.2 and its associated WebCal client.  All of our users are running El Cap or better and also use Calendar.app. We also make use of delegation to provide other employees access to our calendars.

1) At the top of the WebCal interface there is a popup that permits full display of the calendars that we have delegated access to. We’ve found this a very useful feature and wonder if there is some way to do the same using the Mac Calendar.app client? If not, is there any other way to provide full calendar display of delegated calendars

2) I have one user (the boss of course ;-)) who has delegated read access to all employees. When trying to use the aforementioned popup menu in the WebCal interface to display his calendar we get the “Getting events from server…” panel, but it never completes.  No problem accessing other user’s calendars. How would one debug, and hopefully fix, this issue?  His calendar is very busy! Creating an event and inviting the boss does present his busy/free times without issue.

3) We recently hired some PC user types who are pushing us to move to Outlook and Exchange for the simple reason that they want to be able to add attachments to meeting invitations, e.g. meeting agenda. Apparently Outlook/Exchange can do this.  Is this possible using Mac’s Calendar.app and/or the WebCal client?

4) We’ve had some reports of inbound meeting invitations from Exchange servers having wrong times (e.g. one hour off).  How can we determine what the cause of this time shift might be? I’m assuming that the time zone of the calendar server is taken directly from the OS, and that this is not the source of the occasional error.

Many thanks in advance for any help offered.


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