[CalendarServer-users] Error on bin/develop

Rob Archibald rob at robarchibald.com
Fri Feb 17 17:58:23 PST 2017

Agreed. Fix could either be in the c_macro function or in find_header which calls it. And, a graceful exit could solve a lot of documentation and configuration confusion as well.


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Yes, installing that ldap package is the right thing to do, however this probably also indicates a bug (or at least, 'opportunity for enhancement') in the bin/develop flow... If you don't actually use LDAP (instead using local xml files for directory service data), then it probably won't affect you either way.




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Nevermind. After tracking it down deep enough to be able to ask the question, the answer wasn’t far away. Turns out that after a bit more digging, I found that my system didn’t have ldap.h available. After a simple apt-get install libldap2-dev, it finished with no errors.


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I’m running Calendar Server 9.0 on Ubuntu 16.04.1. It seems to be working fine, but I have this nagging error in the back of my mind that makes me worry that something still isn’t quite right. When I run bin/develop, I receive the following error: 


.../ccs-calendarserver-CalendarServer-9.0/bin/_py.sh: line 104: [: # 1 "<stdin>": integer expression expected

.../ccs-calendarserver-CalendarServer-9.0/bin/_py.sh: line 109: [: # 1 "<stdin>": integer expression expected


It works even though I receive this error, so I’m trying to understand it to see if it matters. This is in the middle of a function called cmp_version which is expecting numeric arguments. It receives these 2 values:


1.       20428 – seems OK

2.       # 1 "<stdin>" – looks bad to me


It looks like the c_macro function is the source of the bad 2nd value. 

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