[CalendarServer-users] IMIP and calendar permissions

Steffen Menzel steffen.menzel at th-deg.de
Tue Mar 21 02:36:14 PDT 2017


I installed a CCS on Debian 8.7 and configure it to use an external
LDAP. So fine, but...

1. I noticed that the LDAP-users do not get an e-mail while inviting to
a new event. Contrary to external users, which receive an email
containing an ics. Is there a possibility to send such IMIP-mails also
to "internal" users?

2. How can I delegate a calendar? Or change the permissions so that
other users can read / write into e.g. my calendar? I only found the
"Calendar Web Administration"-page where I'm able to search for a
resource. But as soon as I want to "manage" it, I will get a HTTP error
500. Maybe because I use my email-addresses as UID? However, is there
another possibility to change the permissions of calendars?

Thanks and regards,

Steffen Menzel

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