[CalendarServer-users] Shared calendars

Dominik Reusser d.reusser at teleseo.eu
Wed Aug 15 07:10:04 PDT 2018

Dear all,
I managed to install a calendar/contacts server on debian using the
nss-plugin for authentication. I have two questions on using the server.
Posts on this list related to this are quite old and I'm not sure they
still apply.

1) The documentation of the nss-plugin states:

> Shared calendars are represented by groups of users. The group name
> must start with /groupPrefix/ to avoid collisions with system users -
> the default is /caldavd-/. The members of these groups are allowed to
> read/write the calendar.[1]
I created a group caldavd-test and I'm able to se the group members at


Now, my question is:
how can users see the shared calendar? What is the correct url?

2) How can users share calendars with other users when using Thunderbird
as user-interface?

Thanks in advance for your support


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