[CalendarServer-users] Can not accept calendar meeting invitation

Prakash Autade prakash.autade at gmail.com
Thu May 10 21:05:33 PDT 2018

Steps to reproduce:

1. Configured CalendarServer-9.0(
2. Added 2 users, postmaster at test.int and abuse at test.int
3. Configured above users account in two separate Thunderbird + Lightning
4. Created meeting invite in abuse at test.int's account and added
postmaster at test.int as attendee

Actual results:

1. Meeting is created in abuse at test.int's account
2. Meeting is synchronised in postmaster at test.int's account
3. postmaster at test.int is not able to accept meeting invitation as no
accept/decline buttons are shown

Expected results:

1. postmaster at test.int is should able to accept meeting invitation

Side Note:
1. With same setup, configured iOS clients(iPhone and iPad) and Android
2. Confirmed expected result

Prakash P. Autade.
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