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Thu Jun 10 10:35:09 PDT 2010

Revision: 832
Author:   wsiegrist at apple.com
Date:     2010-06-10 10:35:06 -0700 (Thu, 10 Jun 2010)
Log Message:
Add rename command to manpage. Remove .Ar underline from subcommands.

Modified Paths:

Modified: branches/PR-7872907/darwinup/darwinup.1
--- branches/PR-7872907/darwinup/darwinup.1	2010-06-09 18:53:19 UTC (rev 831)
+++ branches/PR-7872907/darwinup/darwinup.1	2010-06-10 17:35:06 UTC (rev 832)
@@ -75,22 +75,24 @@
 options listed below support globbing and multiple items. See the EXAMPLES 
 section below for more details.
 .Bl -tag -width -indent
-.It Ar files Ar archives
+.It files Ar archives
 List the files and directories in the 
 .Ar archive .
-.It Ar install Ar path
+.It install Ar path
 Install the root at 
 .Ar path .
-.It Ar list Op Ar archive
+.It list Op Ar archive
 List archives that are installed. You may optionally provide an
 archive specification to limit which archives get listed. 
-.It Ar uninstall Ar archives
+.It rename Ar archive Ar name
+Rename an archive.
+.It uninstall Ar archives
 Uninstall the specified archive.
-.It Ar upgrade Ar path
+.It upgrade Ar path
 Find the last archive that was installed with the same name (basename of 
 path), and replace it with the root at 
 .Ar path .
-.It Ar verify Ar archive
+.It verify Ar archive
 List all of the information about 
 .Ar archive .
 This includes status letters
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