[darwinbuild] Building xnu

Alastair Rankine arsptr at optusnet.com.au
Fri Aug 5 19:55:21 PDT 2005

Mark Pauley wrote:

>> I say probably because there doesn't seem to be any way to  determine 
>> which kernel I'm booting from. The older (7.x) xnu  kernels reported 
>> the kernel file path in their dmesg output - the  8.x series don't 
>> seem to. Not in the sysctl MIB either. Is there  any way to retrieve 
>> this information do you know?
> Have you tried uname -a?  It should tell you the kernel version  
> you're using...

Thanks, but that wasn't what I was after. I want to know the filename of 
the kernel. On most darwin systems it is /mach_kernel. I want a way to 
determine whether I am booting off /mach_kernel or /mach_kernel.new or 

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