[darwinbuild] Building darwin 8C46

Dave davec at mac.com
Tue Dec 20 01:56:47 PST 2005

I have been at this for a while and I just can;t seem to find the  
info anywhere on the web. Namely, how do you build a complete darwin  
that is capable of at least getting into single user mode.

I have successfully built xnu for 8C46 but when I try to put it on a  
target running 8C46 as an alternate kernel it wedges really quick  
(Gery screen, square corners, grey apple). I need to make a slight  
change to the kernel so I figured I would first get the existing  
mach_kernel which should be the same as what was installed on the  
target but one thing I notice is the new 8C46 kernel is almost twice  
as big. Debugging stuff?

I followed the instructions on http://opendarwin.org/projects/ 
darwinbuild/doc/tools/index.html#fetch to get the xnu to build. Do I  
have to specify each and every package individually to get an entire  

Should'nt a build of 8C46 mach_kernel work if I put it on a target  
8C46 system?

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