[darwinbuild] Building root/header packages

Shantonu Sen ssen at opendarwin.org
Sat Jul 30 08:51:54 PDT 2005

Sure, you need to backport enough of Tiger to Panther to "make it  
work". See Mark's phrase "on a stock Panther system". I don't think  
it's viable to do this just 'cause.

I guess if it wasn't clear that you can't cross build across major  
release version, we need to revise that in the documentation, and  
perhaps enforce this in darwinbuild.

Why do you want to do this? What is your end goal?


On Jul 30, 2005, at 7:44 AM, Michael Franz wrote:

> On 7/29/05, Mark Pauley <mpauley at apple.com> wrote:
>> Apart from the new and heavily modified system calls which are no
>> doubt being used during the build process, there are also daemons
>> running that may affect the build.
>> Best case it won't build, worst case it will panic while building.  I
>> would say that building 8A428 on a stock Panther system is "not
>> supported"(tm).  Although if you really want to hack the crap out of
>> your build platform you could do it.
>> _Mark
> Ok, so I need to have Tiger to build Darwin 8?  Is there now way  
> around this?
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