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Shantonu Sen ssen at opendarwin.org
Thu Oct 6 07:34:35 PDT 2005

Yes, prepend your URL to the "binary_sites" key for the plist you're  

         binary_sites = (

.tar.gz is all that's supported right now. The main problem with  
supporting multiple archive formats is the network latency of  
checking 3x as many URLs, combined with validating if a .tar.bz2 is  
"newer" than the .tar.gz on the web server, and prefering it, or vice  
versa. Only dealing with one archive format means we only need to  
resolve "newness" between the darwinbuild cache in /usr/local/share/ 
darwinbuild/cache and self-built roots in Roots/, and we have full  
timestamp information.

The first step for better root support is really supporting checksums  
in a better way, so we can tell if our local cache is stale. Then  
we'd need ways of prioritizing between multiple archive types,  
possibly using the mod times already sent in HTTP HEAD requests.


On Oct 6, 2005, at 2:20 AM, Sam Hart wrote:

> Hi,
>     is there an easy way to get DarwinBuild to attempt to fetch  
> roots from a separate location first before the default locations ?
> I would like DarwinBuild to check my webservers for pre-built roots  
> before defaulting to OpenDarwin's.
> Also ... while I am here, are gzip'd n' tar'd files the only  
> recognised file type for roots, or can I use bzip2'd n' tar'd  
> files ... or maybe xar ?
> S a m
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