[darwinbuild] cctools compile problem

Kevin Van Vechten kevin at opendarwin.org
Tue Sep 13 13:14:29 PDT 2005

On Sep 13, 2005, at 1:03 PM, Shantonu Sen wrote:

> On Sep 13, 2005, at 12:31 PM, Kevin Van Vechten wrote:
>> From the log you posted, it looks like cctools is missing its  
>> dependency on gcc_select (that's our fault, a bug in the plist).   
>> You should be able to work around this bug by manually loading the  
>> gcc_select project into the build root:
> I'll fix this. It looks like 8A428's cctools is correct, but  
> subsequent releases aren't. Just need to refresh them.

I'm curious if there are any legitimate differences between 8A428's  
cctools dependencies and 8C46's.  If not, then we can probably remove  
the deps entirely since the should be inherited (right?).  Perhaps  
now is the time for me to implement additive and subtractive  
dependencies (i.e. "+build", "-build") like we discussed on IRC.  =)

- Kevin

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