[darwinbuild] two issues

Shantonu Sen ssen at opendarwin.org
Mon Aug 21 10:59:59 PDT 2006

In general you can't use plists for a release that was not released  
for your architecture. For instance, 8G32 was a PowerPC-only release.  
This means that the binary roots that are provided for bootstrapping  
are not ABI compatible with your Intel Mac's kernel, leading to  
various failure modes.

What's your larger goal of building a PowerPC kernel on an Intel host?


On Aug 15, 2006, at 7:38 PM, Dale Walsh wrote:

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> First, this has probably been asked before but where can I find the  
> plist files for 10.4.6 or 10.4.7.
> Second, I've built darwinbuild 0.7.2 on an intel iMac and I was  
> trying to build xnu in 8G32 but I get the following:
> Mounting volfs ...
> /usr/local/bin/darwinbuild: line 791: 2430 Illegal instruction    
> chroot "$BuildRoot" /sbin/mount_volfs "/.vol"
> I've created the build on an external FW drive and when I plug it in  
> to a ppc Mac it works without issues so I'm not entirely sure of  
> where the problem is.
> I don't need to build anything below 10.4.6 (Darwin 8.6) so a  
> working plist would be helpful.
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