[darwinbuild] darwinbuild on MacIntel

Graham J Lee leeg at teaching.physics.ox.ac.uk
Wed Feb 15 15:46:22 PST 2006

On 15/2/06 23:40, Kevin Van Vechten wrote:
> Unfortunately that doesn't work due to ABI differences between the i386 
> code you can generate using the 10.4.4.ppc source (build 8G32) and the 
> binaries that are actually found on a 10.4.4x86 system (build 8G1165).

Oh I agree, but much (if not all) of *that* can be fixed by choosing to 
pay attention to the structures defined in the 10.4uSDK headers instead 
of those defined in the 10.4.4ppc source headers.  That's not to say 
there isn't a lot of work involved, but just to say that AFAICT it's not 
a complete washout.  Worst case is that OpenDarwin 8.x/x86 works on 
Intel Macs but can't drop into OS X/x86.  Best case is that it can, as 
long as you steer clear of redefining maybe a couple of driver projects.



Graham Lee
UNIX Systems Manager,
Oxford Physics Practical Course

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