[darwinbuild] compiling code for 10.4.6 (8I127)

Rainer Keller driverwriter at mac.com
Thu May 11 07:15:45 PDT 2006

Hi all,

I downloaded darwinbuild yesterday and tried to compile  
DiskArbitration. I ultimately got it working by doing a darwinbuild - 
headers dyld first.
In the course of poking around I ended up with a fresh darwinbuild  
tool from CVS, the list archive on my harddisk, a nice learning  
experience and a few questions:

1) darwinbuild -init 8I127 fails, the latest available is 8H14. I  
noticed that darwinbuild downloads a bunch of .root.tar.gz and I dont  
know what those are and whether an 8I127 folder on the website for  
them is neccessary. So:
1a) Can I just use the 8I127 plist from apples site after converting  
it to the next style plists?
1b) is it ok to use property list editors "Save As" with File Format  
"ASCII Property List File" to do the conversion? (It looks almost  
correct, except for white space, a missing "// !$*UTF8*$!" and quoted  
project names instead of unquoted when I compare it to the other plists.

2) project dependencies:
2a) is there a "dependency list" for the modules somewhere (so that I  
could have looked up that I need the headers of dyld to build  
I got it working by trying first, and then adding the headers, but I  
feel like an amateur doing that and I am not 100% confident that the  
resulting code is actually the same as the one in the running system.
2b) or more simple perhaps: Is there a known working order to compile  
all modules?
I wouldnt mind letting my machine run for a week when a new OS update  
gets out if I knew that it would just compile all the way thru.

3) older versions:
Are there any experience values whether I can replace for example a  
module in a live 10.4.6 with one that was built with darwinbuild for  
8H14, at least as long as the version for that particular module  
didnt change?

Sorry if this is a repeat and slap me over the head if these are  
silly questions, but I at least grepped through the archives before  

Best regards
- Rainer

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