[darwinbuild] Kerberos: make: command not found

Kevin Van Vechten kevin at opendarwin.org
Thu May 25 10:02:55 PDT 2006

DarwinBuild's dependency information isn't always complete (since  
it's inherently a guessing game).  You can overcome obstacles such as  
these manually with the -load command.  For this case:

# darwinbuild -load gnumake

- Kevin

On May 24, 2006, at 5:25 AM, don bright wrote:

> Hi
> Im trying to get smb to build. It says some Kerberos
> header is missing. So Im trying to install Kerberos
> headers. I've tried darwinbuild Kerberos, darwinbuild
> -headers Kerberos, and darwinbuild -target installhdrs
> Kerberos, and it gives me the same thing every time:
> private/var/tmp/installhdrs/build-installhdrs-Kerberos~1.sh:
> line 172: make: command not found
> Thanks.

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