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Charles Darwin darwinskernel at gmail.com
Fri Aug 1 04:43:35 PDT 2008

On 1-Aug-08, at 12:35 AM, William Siegrist wrote:

> On Jul 31, 2008, at 6:50 PM, Charles Darwin wrote:
>> How do I build for ppc only?
> The overall idea is to set the RC_ARCHS environment variable. But  
> you cant just export it, because its specified in the build plists.  
> So here's 2 ways to do it:
> 1. The maintainable/proper way.... Make a new plist that has an  
> environment key and a RC_ARCHS value. See 9A581.plist for an example  
> of the environment variables. You only need to specify what you need  
> to override, so you dont need keys for projects, macosx, darwin,  
> whatever.  You should just need the build, inherits, and environment  
> keys. Use "darwinxref loadIndex path/to/new.plist" to load it. Use  
> "darwinbuild -build=<build> <project>" to build. You can see the  
> value of RC_ARCHS scroll by during the build process.

I am going with this one.
Did this first:
$ curl -O http://svn.macosforge.org/repository/darwinbuild/trunk/plists/9A581.plist

Changed this line:
RC_ARCHS=ppc # at the top (`grep i386 9A581.plist'  returns 132  
results though but I pretend not to see, or should I? My understanding  
is that's why we are doing it this way and not the quick/dirty way(?))

<http://svn.macosforge.org/repository/darwinbuild/trunk/README> says  
something about RC_ppc but I can't find it.

I found some other interesting stuff here too:
What would happen if I removed individual projects from 9A581.plist?  
Can I finally get rid of AppleTalk and Chess?  How about AppleRAID?  
(and where is bluetooth?)

What if I changed source_sites from
Would then darwinbuild do what it's supposed to do but build from  
Current source? How about binary_sites?



> 2. The quick/dirty way.... The data is stored in sqlite. You can do  
> "sqlite3 .build/xref.db", then use SQL to change the value of  
> RC_ARCHS in the properties table. Make you you get the top level  
> setting for the build you're targeting. Its probably labeled with  
> the first x.0 release, so 8A428 for tiger or 9A581 for Leopard.
> Projects can individually override the build-wide setting, so watch  
> for those. You can add a projects key to your plist and override the  
> per-project settings if needed. Let me know if you need more details  
> than this. I of course recommend doing #1 above.
> -Bill

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