[darwinbuild-dev] How to find build version difference

Kevin Van Vechten kvv at apple.com
Wed Jan 9 11:22:01 PST 2008

This is looking good, and I'm happy to see you contribute code to the  
project.  As an optimization, we can take advantage of the fact that  
DBCopyProjectNames() returns a sorted list to detect missing projects  
in either build in a single pass (pseudo code below).  By comparing in  
this way, we don't need to do the extra merge and sort found in  
get_project names, and we don't have to do as many database lookups to  
see if the project really exists in that build.

On a different topic, it's easiest for us to accept your contributions  
if you place a license header (preferably the same BSD-style license  
DarwinBuild already uses) and your copyright on the top of the file.   
Believe it or not, that's more straightforward than simply saying the  
code is free to use.


- Kevin

alist = DBCopyProjectNames(abuild);
blist = DBCopyProjectNames(bbuild);

int i = 0, j = 0;

for (;;) {
	CFStringRef a = CFArrayGetValueAtIndex(alist, i);
	CFStringRef b = CFArrayGetValueAtIndex(blist, j);

	CFComparisonResult res = CFStringCompare(a,b,0);

	if (res == kCFCompareEqualTo) {
		// both builds have the same project, let's compare versions

		av = DBCopyPropString(abuild, a, CFSTR("version"));
		bv = DBCopyPropString(bbuild, b, CFSTR("version"));
		res = CFStringCompare(av,bv,0);
		if (res == kCFStringCompareEqualTo) {
			print "same";
		} else {
			print "different";

		// move both lists to next project

	} else if (res == kCFCompareLessThan) {
		// a fell behind b, which means b is missing a project

		print "project A only in build A";

		// only increment a, so that it catches up to b
	} else if (res == kCFCompareGreaterThan) {
		// a got ahead of b, which means a is missing a project

		print "project B only in build B";

		// only increment b, so that it catches up to a
	// we're done if we reach the end of both lists, otherwise
	// make sure we don't march past the end of one
	if (i >= acount && j >= bcount) break;
	else if (i >= acount) i = acount -1;
	else if (j >= bcount) j = bcount -1;

On Jan 8, 2008, at 6:22 PM, Michael Franz wrote:

> Kevin,
> thanks for the input.  I had already figured out that I was not
> getting the correct information from the plists.  I was only get the
> project plist which was missing inherited projects.  I have changed it
> to use code from the version plugin instead.
> On 1/8/08, Kevin Van Vechten <kvv at apple.com> wrote:
>> Michael's plugin is a good start, however copying the whole Build
>> plist (with all project attributes) to inspect it is a rather
>> heavyweight process.  It's possible to use the plugin API to search
>> the data in the sqlite database.  The use of this API also answers  
>> the
>> question below.
>> On Jan 7, 2008, at 7:45 PM, Michael Franz wrote:
>>> I found a slight bug in my implementation.  I do not use a complete
>>> set of project names, so, when the src build has many more projects
>>> than the destination the diff is incorrect.  I am currently  
>>> looking at
>>> a way to create a set of the two build project names.  This way I  
>>> will
>>> have a complete set of all projects in both builds.
>> CFArrayRef DBCopyProjectNames(CFStringRef build);
> Using this instead as stated above.
>> This function returns an array of all projects in the given build
>> (including inherited projects).  I believe this is already sorted,  
>> but
>> I'm not 100% sure.
>> There's also the following function which you might be interested in:
>> CFArrayRef DBCopyChangedProjectNames(CFStringRef oldbuild,  
>> CFStringRef
>> newbuild);
> I 'll look into that function.
>> Also it's not clear to me why DBSetPlist() is called at the end... I
>> don't think of "diff" as a mutagenic operation.
> That was a line that I did not delete - it is from mergeBuild.
> I have removed it, as I also found it earlier and couldn't understand
> why it was there.
>> - Kevin
> Here is a (almost) rewritten version of the plugin.
> Michael
> <diff.c>

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