[darwinbuild-dev] How to find build version difference

Michael Franz mvfranz at gmail.com
Wed Jan 9 16:07:43 PST 2008

On 1/9/08, Kevin Van Vechten <kvv at apple.com> wrote:
> This is looking good, and I'm happy to see you contribute code to the
> project.  As an optimization, we can take advantage of the fact that
> DBCopyProjectNames() returns a sorted list to detect missing projects
> in either build in a single pass (pseudo code below).  By comparing in
> this way, we don't need to do the extra merge and sort found in
> get_project names, and we don't have to do as many database lookups to
> see if the project really exists in that build.

My original thought was to do it this way, but I didn't know anything
about CF and decided to use a method that allowed me to copy as much
code as possible.  I have turned your pseudo code into 'real' code in
the latest version.

> On a different topic, it's easiest for us to accept your contributions
> if you place a license header (preferably the same BSD-style license
> DarwinBuild already uses) and your copyright on the top of the file.
> Believe it or not, that's more straightforward than simply saying the
> code is free to use.

Can I do something as simple as copy the copyright from one of the
other plugins?

> Thanks,
> - Kevin

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