[darwinbuild-dev] building Libsystem

Dave MacLachlan dmaclach at gmail.com
Sun Mar 16 22:36:19 PDT 2008

Hey all,

So as you can probably see from the darwinbuild tickets, I spend the  
weekend trying to build Libsystem with no success (although I think I  
got very close).

Do you guys want bugs logged like this? All I'm really trying to do is  
get a debug build of libsystem so I can look at an issue in our own  
software that appears to be a stack stomp when using pthreads. It only  
appears when I run against the _debug frameworks supplied by DTS, so  
I'm not sure if it's an issue with the debug libsystem, or if using  
the debug libsystem is allowing me to see an issue in my own code.

Any pointers on getting a libsystem building would be great. I got to  
the point where it was linking, but missing liblaunch. liblaunch  
appears to be part of launchd, but I currently can't build launchd due  
to it missing two headers:


I was able to figure out the constants needed to avoid needing  
bootfiles.h, but can't get around not having quarantine.h

Hopefully my enhancements to ditto.sh and darwinbuild.sh can be used.


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