[darwinbuild-dev] Problem building Postfix and OpenLdap

Numa Schmeder numa.schmeder at gmail.com
Thu Nov 6 04:02:49 PST 2008


I need to compile postfix and OpenLDAP for Darwin, I tried to follow  
all the guidelines in DarwinBuild Readme file and on google but when I  
try to compile those projects I get many errors:
I am building for darwin version 9F33

I did
	for X in `darwinxref version '*'` ; do darwinbuild -load ${X/-*/} ;  
to load all dependencies and available binaries as root of course

then I did as a test
	darwinbuild CF
but that give me the following error
	ForFoundationOnly.h:170:49: error: CoreFoundation/ 
CFNotificationCenter.h: No such file or directory

I tried
	darwinbuild postfix
but I got the error
	 file /usr/lib/libauto.dylib not found
I finally managed to build postfix using the option -nochroot, but  
still don't know why the previous command did not work

I tried
	darwinbuild OpenLDAP
but the file pac.h and libpac.dylib are missing, I searched every  
darwin packages but couldn't find it, I tried to remove the -lpac from  
the Makefile, but the error only comes later : pac.h no such file or  

If someone could help me resolve these problems that would great ?  
Maybe I am missing something in the way I use darwinbuild !



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