[darwinbuild-dev] Source tarballs have moved

William Siegrist wsiegrist at apple.com
Wed May 13 14:23:47 PDT 2009

We will no longer be serving source tarballs from src.macosforge.org.  
They are now fetched from opensource.apple.com. If you used to rely on  
the apache index at src.macosforge.org for looking for tarballs, you  
can now browse at:


This is mostly a cosmetic change, they are the same tarballs on the  
same server, we are just reorganizing things on the backend. There is  
a redirection in place on the server so that when darwinbuild tries to  
fetch a tarball, it will find it in the new location.  If you find  
that you can no longer fetch sources, please let me know.

For now, Roots and BinaryRoots are not affected by this change, they  
are still served from src.macosforge.org.

Thank you.

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