[darwinbuild-dev] great usage of disk space for 9J61

Chris Gorman chrisg at ncf.ca
Mon May 18 09:06:12 PDT 2009


  I have recently been playing with darwinbuild in order to build the  
opensource components of os x for myself.  I started with 9G55 and  
built the code using the instructions athttp://www.puredarwin.org/developers/darwinbuild 
  . First I downloaded all the roots and then I attempted to build all  
the projects using 'the brutus way' and this seemed to work for most  
packages.  However when trying this same process out on 9J61, I end up  
using 71GB of diskspace before running out.  Does this seem right?  Is  
there a way of reducing the footprint?

By the way http://www.puredarwin.org/developers/darwinbuild has a  
small typo in the command

for X in $(darwinxref version '*' | cut -f 1 -d '-'); do; darwinbuild  
$X; done

Should have a ; removed and read

for X in $(darwinxref version '*' | cut -f 1 -d '-'); do darwinbuild  
$X; done


Chris Gorman
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