[darwinbuild-dev] Modifying build dependencies, + more questions

Thomas Engelmeier te.mlists at googlemail.com
Wed Jan 6 10:29:10 PST 2010


I have a darwinbuild derived project that crashes at the first usage of the C++ standard lib on 10.6.x if not compiled with darwinbuild. (on 10.5 it works fine). It's pretty stomping as the build options for the Xcode and darwinbuild compiles are identical.

I pimped the darwinbuild Tokend project to include my tokend. I have three associated questions, the most important one is how  to extend the build dependencies:

Q1: I extended the 10A432.plist with the additional dependency, but it does not seem the get read with a simple "darwinbuild Tokend".
I need additionally CoreServices.framework. How can I force re-reading of the 10A432.plist? darwinxref? 

Q2: the header <dlfcn.h> is missing in the darwinbuild environment. However, the project is dependent from the "dyld" root, which contains the header. Bug or oversight on my part? I tried to force addition of the headers with "darwinbuild -header dyld" and "darwinbuild -header libdyld" but both fail.

Q3: How can I build a certain target of an project? "darwinbuild -target=PIV Tokend" did not work.


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