[darwinbuild-dev] Modifying build dependencies, + more questions

Thomas Engelmeier te.mlists at googlemail.com
Wed Jan 6 13:12:15 PST 2010

Am 06.01.2010 um 20:13 schrieb William Siegrist:

Hi Bill, 

thanks for your help. The Tokend build process works far better than last year.

>> Q1: I extended the 10A432.plist with the additional dependency, but it does not seem the get read with a simple "darwinbuild Tokend".
>> I need additionally CoreServices.framework. How can I force re-reading of the 10A432.plist? darwinxref? 
> You should create a new plist that inherits from one of the provided plists (see 10B504.plist for how it inherits fro 10A432.plist). Then just add the differences to your plist. In order to see CoreServices.framework during the build, you need to pass the "-nochroot" option to darwinbuild (which means nothing in BuildRoot will be used) or copy CoreServices.framework into your BuildRoot/ (this is the best approach).  If you need to reload a plist, use "darwinxref loadIndex <path-to-plist>". 

OK, do I understand correctly that there is no root for CoreServices.framework? And copying to BuildRoot means (in the case of an "default" inited build-system copying to /Volumes/BuildRoot_10A432_{someHash}/System/Library/Frameworks/ ?

If my perception is right, BuildRoot is some kind of volatile disk that gets nuked at reboot time - which I have to do a lot. A broken Tokend brings down Securityd, and then there is not much left you can do then without rebooting. 

I am not confident -nochroot would work. Based on the crashes I see there is a chance libstdc++ differs between the 10.6 SDK and darwinbuild.

> That header is provided by libdyld. Try "darwinbuild -load libdyld" to load the full libdyld root. Doing "darwinbuild -header libdyld" says "build the installhdrs phase". Using both "-load" and "-header" says to "load the headers root", which would look like "darwinbuild -header -load libdyld". 

Perfect, thanks. 

>> Q3: How can I build a certain target of an project? "darwinbuild -target=PIV Tokend" did not work.
> This works for me, note that xcodebuild is passed a -target option:

Now it works also for me. Sorry for the noise.

Best regards,

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