[darwinbuild-dev] tokend build

r c iseecolors at sbcglobal.net
Mon Jan 25 10:13:09 PST 2010

I am new to darwinbuild and starting with something that I think should be simple.  I need to create a tokend driver, so to start with I am just building the sample - as documented in "Building Toeknd Using darwinbuild".

However, the build does not just work.  To start with, it is unable to find <security_utilities/adornments.h> or <security_utilities/refcount.h>.  There are also several frameworks that appear to be missing:


I thought I followed the directions to the letter, but I appear to have missed something.  Any thoughts, help, or ideas will be greatly appreciated.

I am running 10.6.2 with darwin 10A432.  The boot drive is only being used for this development, so beyond the steps to build the sample tokend, it is an updated basic Snow Leopard system.

Rich Collyer
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