[darwinbuild-dev] 10K540.plist

David Lee david.lee at vicom.com
Thu Jul 28 11:06:16 PDT 2011


I've cleaned up and started over, but I still get the same problem:

bash-3.2# sudo -s


bash-3.2# pwd
bash-3.2# cd 10K540/
bash-3.2# darwinbuild -init 10K540
Creating build root disk image ...
Downloading http://svn.macosforge.org/repository/darwinbuild/trunk/plists//10K540.plist ...
Download complete
Downloading http://svn.macosforge.org/repository/darwinbuild/trunk/plists//10J869.plist ...
Download complete
Downloading http://svn.macosforge.org/repository/darwinbuild/trunk/plists//10J567.plist ...
Download complete
Downloading http://svn.macosforge.org/repository/darwinbuild/trunk/plists//10H574.plist ...
Download complete
Downloading http://svn.macosforge.org/repository/darwinbuild/trunk/plists//10F569.plist ...
Download complete
Downloading http://svn.macosforge.org/repository/darwinbuild/trunk/plists//10D573.plist ...
Download complete
Downloading http://svn.macosforge.org/repository/darwinbuild/trunk/plists//10C540.plist ...
Download complete
Downloading http://svn.macosforge.org/repository/darwinbuild/trunk/plists//10B504.plist ...
Download complete
Downloading http://svn.macosforge.org/repository/darwinbuild/trunk/plists//10A432.plist ...
Download complete
Initialization Complete
bash-3.2# cd /BuildRoot
bash: cd: /BuildRoot: No such file or directory

I can see (with Finder) a folder alias named BuildRoot in my folder 10K540, but it's a broken alias.  I have no idea where to go from here.


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Sorry about that, I must have forgotten to commit the plist back when the source was released. I just committed it now. You can use your own plists by passing the path to the plist to "darwinbuild -init <plist>", or if you already have a darwinbuild environment setup you can use "darwinxref loadIndex <plist>" to load it into the environment. 


On Jul 28, 2011, at 9:13 AM, David Lee wrote:

> Hi All,
> I see that 10K540.plist is missing from /trunk/plists (although 11A511a.plist is already there.)  Can I get some estimate for when this might be corrected?
> Also, I have a copy of 10K540.plist.  Can I use it, and if so how?  Or are there other things missing also for building 10.6.8?

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